My intentions? - Releasing my webtoons and manga

My hopes and wishes? - That they will bring happiness to you!



So hey there, I'm Driz [And I'm Dew] Together we are DrizDew! Dew is kind of my second personality but don't worry she doesn't bite.

I've been [We have been!] oh yeah excuse me... WE have been drawing comics for a while and I'm planning to steadily release them over time, so ... yep all my comics will eventually be completed. I'm working hard so people can find enjoyment in reading them one day. Until then: Please bear with me [See ya!]



And now:

Enjoy and Cheers to you,







All of the upper headings are different manga series  drawn by me (mostly with paint and pencils). If a series sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to click on the name of the series!



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