Golden Sun doujinshi (fancomic): Desperate Blut

genres: doujinshi/oneshot/psychological/action/fantasy/mature/horror/madness (attention to all the readers who are younger than 18!)


A fanfiction about the RPG Golden Sun.
Our 4 main characters are on a ship sailing across the sea. It should have been a short little trip over night. Clear weather. Sea breeze. But something went wrong. And no one would have guessed that it would turn into the nightmare created by someone, who came from the bottom of the sea, ready to strike silently. Dragging each and every one of them into their own despair.


This is my new webtoon work: a Golden Sun doujinshi one-shot! It's going to be kind of dark though and it will contain fighting scenes.

btw: the webtoon can is supposed to be understood even if you haven't played the game. The setting is as followed: 4 people called Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia are living in a world brimming with magical powers. The story takes place on the ship that is crossing the Karagol sea.

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